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wireless transmitter


Z201-485 wireless transmitter can be used to monitor various devices with RS485. This device can receive and transmit device information through RS485; it has digital input and output functions and can control digital signals; it provides four input terminals, and the input terminal supports non-energized dry contact input, which can be used to control relays and other equipment.

​Main Features

  • RS485 signal (D+) (D-) transmits and receives information through the Zigbee protocol.

  • Dry contact DI/DO signal transmission.

  • With 4 digital terminal blocks, users can easily connect devices.

  • The casing has an LED display function, and users can judge the working status of Z201-485 through the light signal.

​Application fields

Office space and business premises​​

modern office

security system

home security system

factory automation

Robotic arm

​Computer room monitoring

person who analyzes data

Smart energy management

Sunset on solar panel

Smart agriculture and fishery

free range chicken farm

​Product specifications

  • Signal strength: 0-20dBm

  • Signal sensitivity: -100dBm @802.15.4(2.4GHz)

  • Radio frequency band: 2.405~2.48 GHz ISM Band

  • Communication protocol: Zigbee

  • Communication bandwidth: 250Kpbs

  • RF Antenna: 2 dB Dipole Antenna Detachable SMA Connector

  • Transmission rate: 1200bps~57600bps

  • Power supply standard: DC  7~30V

  • Shell material: aluminum metal

  • Dimensions: length 63mm* width 84mm* height 25mm


Click here to download the specification sheet

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