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About QUAN

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Pioneers of the Internet of Things

Founded in Taipei in 2002, QUAN is a technology company specializing in wireless transmission and Internet of Things technology. QUAN has the latest Internet of Things technology and rich experience.


Our business projects include the manufacturing and sales of semi-finished electronic components (PCB Assembly), as well as product outsourcing development and design (ODM services). QUAN not only provides the strongest hardware design and system installation, but also provides follow-up mass production planning and consulting services. It is the IoT solution provider with the most in-depth experience in Taiwan.

Technology is the strength, service is the direction

Strong technical capabilities enable QUAN to stand in the ever-changing technological torrent, but complete follow-up services make QUAN more stable.


For customers in the technology industry, QUAN is a business partner with whom they can have heated discussions; for customers who are not yet familiar with IoT technology, QUAN is a friendly and professional consultant who can solve all practical and technical questions of customers, and adjust to the problem, even uncovering possibilities that the customer had never imagined.

​Create new formulas :  Existing + Existing = Creativity

The essence of creativity is the innovative combination of existing things, which is also the special skill of QUAN.

For example, traditional lamps with manual switches are instantly upgraded to popular smart home appliances with the help of voice control modules. Through our wireless transmission and Internet of Things technologies, products that seem to have no connection with high technology can be transformed and upgraded into a new generation of technology products.


​Helping factories optimize process management and helping industries increase added value are all unique skills that QUAN is good at. Give QUAN an opportunity to work with you to envision a new business blueprint.

Pursue innovation

QUAN has the industry's leading R&D capabilities, based on a solid technical system, and based on this, it continues to innovate and be at the forefront of the industry.

​Service spirit

We regard ourselves as the "service industry" in the technology industry, and we provide you with one-stop services from conception to practical application.

Solid and reliable

"The things we make are good, and the services we provide will help you to the end" is the credo of QUAN. Based on the reputation accumulated in the industry over the years, QUAN hopes to become your most trustworthy business partner.

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