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QUAN International, The Pioneer of IoT.

Wireless Transmission

Perfect Design 

Leading Technology

Mass Produce Expertise

Welcome to Quan International! We specialize in sensor development, industrial IoT, and wireless transmission manufacturing. With expertise in embedded firmware and electronic hardware, we collaborate closely with leading IC manufacturers to deliver cost-effective, high-performance solutions. Our product range includes wireless transmitters, sensors, controllers, and customized electronics. Our commitment to customer success drives us forward. Let's build a brighter future together!

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Why Choose Quan

​ODM Experience

We partner with large enterprises for mass production, offering extensive industry experience, integrated supply chains, and valuable connections. 

R&D Team

With extensive customer communication experience, our development team is highly confident in driving industry innovation, whether it's customer-assigned tasks or future macro visions.

Wireless Transmission 

In the era of IoT, wireless transmission is vital, enabling remote monitoring of targets, leading to significant cost savings in labor and equipment.

Supreme Service

We won't overlook any post-purchase issues and are committed to addressing all your inquiries. Service is paramount in our company, and we guarantee the best, sincere assistance.

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