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wireless transmitter


With the continuous development of wireless network domains (WPAN), wireless communication protocols with low cost, low power consumption, low data transmission rate, low complexity, etc. are gradually replacing cumbersome physical lines in factories.

​Z200-USB has low power consumption and stable working characteristics, and is suitable for long-term continuous monitoring. It is especially suitable for environments where wiring is difficult or for remote monitoring. The communication and settings of the most important existing equipment do not need to be changed and can be seamlessly integrated.

​Main Features

  • Ultra low power consumption

  • Suitable for long-term monitoring tasks

  • Can be networked with transmitter components of the same type

  • Wireless signal  →  Computer  seamless connection

  • Suitable for factories, computer rooms and other places that require data transmission/reception

​Application fields

Office space and business premises​​

modern office

security system

home security system

factory automation

Robotic arm

​Computer room monitoring

person who analyzes data

Smart energy management

Sunset on solar panel

Smart agriculture and fishery

free range chicken farm

​Product specifications

  • Signal strength: 17dBm

  • Radio frequency band: 2.405~2.48 GHz ISM Band

  • Communication bandwidth: 250Kpbs

  • Media Access: CSMA-CA

  • Transmission rate: 1200bps~57600bps

  • Development software: API manual/development of customized programs

  • Shell material: high quality aluminum metal shell

  • Signal sensitivity: -92dBm at 1% PER

  • Communication channel: 16

  • Communication standard: IEEE 802.15.4

  • RF Antenna: 2 db Dipole Antenna Detachable

  • Power supply standard: USB power supply

  • Dimensions: length 69mm / width 63mm / height 22mm


Click here to download the specification sheet

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