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Temperature sensing solution


Zhucheng offers an advanced solution designed to monitor the temperature of solder joints. This solution uses a temperature measuring wire (K-TYPE/PT100/J-TYPE) to measure temperature, and converts analog data into digital information through an analog-to-digital converter connected to the temperature measuring wire. and invested in the projects we developedZ221The transmitter transmits digital information to theQGW820 Gateway enables network/cloud uploading to monitor welding points.


Our solutions not only meet the needs of current factories, but also provide opportunities for the transformation of traditional factories in the future.

With the rise of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, traditional factories are facing the challenge of improving efficiency, reducing costs and implementing intelligent monitoring.

Here are a few key benefits of our solutions for the transformation of traditional factories of the future:

Instant factory alerts

Through the connected three-color light, you don’t have to be on standby next to the machine all the time. With the temperature monitoring system, you can safely rely on the light signal to see whether the current temperature is within a reasonable range.

Data analysis and predictive maintenance

By collecting and analyzing solder joint temperature data, our solutions provide valuable insights and trend analysis. It can help factory managers optimize the production process, predict equipment failures and implement preventive maintenance, reducing downtime and repair costs.

Highly scalable

Our solution easily scales to multiple welding points and monitoring nodes. This makes it ideal for large factory environments, enabling comprehensive monitoring coverage, improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs.

Help become a dragon

The combination helps to integrate it into a one-stop service, from sensor to analog-to-digital conversion, data collection, and monitoring interface.

Help become a dragon

​This kit integrates three equipment to assist in development and design. We are committed to building a complete ecosystem to enable customers to have a complete IoT experience.

Z201 Go Back_edited.jpg

Z221 wireless transmitter includes three-color lights

The Z201 with built-in Zigbee module can transform the connected device into a wireless sensor. After solving the distance problem at once, any problems that require wiring will be easily solved.

Temperature and humidity sensor stick.png

Temperature measuring wire + analog-to-digital converter

The protagonist this time is this temperature and humidity sensor. Although it is small, it can accurately receive temperature and humidity information and faithfully transmit the data to the Z201 wireless transmitter.


​QGW820 Smart Gateway

Receive data from Z201 via Zigbee, and upload the collected data to the cloud, mobile devices, and PC via Wi-Fi / 4G / network cable. Monitor data through the platform and respond, record, and analyze.


Click here to download the specification sheet

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