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VoEazy voice control module

In recent years, voice control has gradually been integrated into our daily habits.

If you can simply say a command, the product can quickly recognize and complete the operation on the device. This technology will greatly improve the convenience of life. In public places, voice control technology can also be used to reduce the chance of physical contact.


Offline operation is simple and easyuse

VoEazy voice control module is different from other voice control products on the market in that it has a built-in offline voice recognition engine.

Plug and play, no setup steps required. Anyone can complete the operation by speaking simple instructions.

Built-in 120MHz high-speed processor, fast response, bid farewell to the uncertainty of connection quality.

Remote voice control, easy and freehand

The VoEazy voice control module has a built-in MEMS omnidirectional microphone, allowing you to give commands to electrical appliances within a few meters from any direction.

Is it inconvenient to say it in the dead of night? no problem! You can also easily control electrical appliances through wall and socket switches, or by purchasing the VoEazy voice control module with touch function.
※Note: The voice control and touch functions can only be used when the wall and socket switches are "on".

Customized instructions can also be bilingual

When purchasing in large quantities, customized activation words, instructions, voice feedback content and operation functions are provided.

It even supports dual-language recognition to meet the needs of the public in public places.

Multiple applications, more thoughtfulness

VoEazy voice control module can be used for voice control lamps and supports TRIAC or PWM dimming and color adjustment (can be purchased with LED driver).

It also supports a variety of common signal format outputs (such as UART, I2C, SPI..., etc.), making its application methods more diverse!

If there are cost considerations or space constraints, the VoEazy voice control module can emit sound through a buzzer;

You can also choose to use speakers to play pre-recorded voice feedback, which is closer to people's hearts.

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