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A vibration sensor is a device that can sense vibrations and is usually used to measure vibrations in machines, equipment, buildings, etc. This device can monitor and detect the vibration frequency, amplitude, vibration form, etc. of an object. In the current factory, motors often face repairs, which delays the delivery of orders. Therefore, the importance of "preventive maintenance" comes out at this time. We can monitor the motor 24/7 at a small cost. With the help of the high-precision and high-sampling rate V503 series sensors, we can record all the vibration data of the motor in the computer/cloud.

​After collecting the vibration frequency of the fault and adding it to the database, the system can quickly issue a warning and replace it next time you encounter similar signs of motor failure to avoid greater losses. Comparing the two, in fact, the cost of the V503 kit is only a drop in the bucket of factory labor costs and order delay losses. Purchasing the V503 is a clear choice. Vibration sensors are widely used, not only in the field of industrial motors, but also in the fields of building structures, transportation, oil and gas, and environmental monitoring. This device can improve the safety and stability of equipment operation, reduce the occurrence of failures and damage, reduce maintenance costs, and at the same time improve production efficiency and work efficiency.

Waterproof technology

A shock sensor waterproof kit is a device designed to protect the shock sensor. It is usually made of waterproof materials. The gap is reinforced with a rubber ring to effectively prevent moisture and other liquids from entering the shock sensor, thereby protecting it. function and extend its service life. In some splash fields, measurement targets can be more easily accessed, making the data more accurate.

This waterproof kit typically has a tightly sealed design that prevents moisture and other harmful elements in humid environments from entering the shock sensor, and provides good durability and corrosion resistance. Additionally, waterproof kits are often easy to install and remove, and can be customized to suit different application scenarios.

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