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solar power plant
Wireless transmission solution


Through wireless transmitters, solar panel data can be instantly and effectively transmitted to the receiver or central monitoring system. This information may include solar panel power generation, efficiency, temperature, fault status, etc. Through wireless transmission, this data can be quickly transmitted to remote locations without the need for traditional wired connections.

Wireless transmitters provide convenient installation and configuration options, eliminating the need to lay extensive cables and wiring, saving cost and time. Secondly, wireless transmitters make the monitoring and management of solar panel systems more convenient, enabling remote control and fault monitoring, improving operational efficiency and reliability. In addition, wireless transmitters provide greater resiliency and scalability. They can be seamlessly integrated with other devices and systems, such as energy management systems, smart home systems, etc., to achieve integrated management and collaborative operation.

Wireless transmission of solar panel data through the application of wireless transmitters makes the monitoring, management and control of solar systems more convenient and efficient. The development of this technology promotes the utilization of renewable energy while also contributing to energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development.

​System Function

  • The inverter information is sent to the cloud for recording.

  • Provides a cloud user interface for users to observe/download recorded data.

  • ​Customized system planning.

  • Proactive prompts for abnormal conditions.

Application architecture

Z200 solar energy.jpg
Z201 Go Back_edited.jpg

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