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​Voice light control-Moon light

Moon lamp 01.jpg
Intuitive 1 second voice control.png

"No need to wait for AI recognition"

Voice response is 3 times faster than Siri!

Paired with a name familiar to Taiwanese: Xiao Ming

You don’t need to open the APP to turn the lights on and off, and you don’t have to wait for a long time.

Just waiting for you to say "Xiao Ming, turn on the light!"

5 meters distance.png

Highly sensitive voice recognition technology allows the voice control range to be up to 5 meters, whether you want to turn off the lights before going out, before going to bed, or if you want to be a couch potato and nestle on the sofa, etc...

From now on, all you have to do is speak out!

Doesn’t recognize voiceprint.png

Believe that "the smarter you are, the simpler it should be"

No need to connect to wifi, no need to install APP, no need to recognize specific voiceprints, just plug in the plug and speak gently to understand your needs.

Intimate touch design.png

What should I do if I don’t want to use voice control?

Just touch the metal ring part lightly, equipped with capacitive touch technology, you can adjust the brightness and switch, without disturbing, it is my gentleness.

Warm and cold color temperature.png

Cool/warm color, 2 color temperatures can be switched freely
Brighten/dark, 5 levels of brightness

Allows you to easily find the brightness that best suits your space

Become a master of atmosphere in an instant!

Frosted large base.png

Give you a fine frosted storage platform!

Important small things can be easily stored, and the frosted glass lampshade on the outer layer makes it easy to decorate your own beautiful home.

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