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Internet of Things in Livestock Farms


A network that connects physical devices and objects through the Internet of Things to realize data exchange and intelligent control. In farms, IoT technology can be applied to monitor and control various key parameters. For example, using IoT technology, farm managers can monitor the temperature, humidity and water quality of the breeding environment through computers and receive instant alerts or notifications.

It provides real-time data monitoring and remote control, allowing farm managers to respond more promptly, predict and solve problems, and improve production efficiency and animal welfare. It can automate many tasks, such as automatic feeding systems, automatic excrement disposal systems, etc., reducing labor costs and labor requirements.

Wireless transmitters and IoT applications in breeding farms are driving the digital transformation of the breeding industry, providing more efficient and intelligent management and monitoring.

​System Function

  • Temperature and humidity information is sent to the cloud for recording.

  • Provides a cloud user interface for users to observe/download recorded data.

  • Temperature and humidity upper and lower limit abnormal condition settings.

  • Proactive prompts for abnormal conditions.

Temperature and humidity monitoring system planning book (no quotation).jpg

Click here to download the specification sheet

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