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Smart gateway


QGW820 smart gateway is the "heart" of IoT devices.

It has a variety of network communication methods, supports four network modes and RS485 transmission protocols, and can communicate with sensors through Bluetooth/Zigbee/2.4G for real-time monitoring, data processing, automatic control, etc.

​Main Features

  • Receive cloud/computer instructions to control digital output.

  • Send data to the remote end for processing through the network interface.

  • Supports Ethernet/LTE/Wi-Fi connection methods.

  • It has an internal web server and can be configured through the web page.

  • It has two computing units, dedicated to Linux and I/O control.

​Application fields

​Smart City​​

Smart City

Smart lighting

Smart Lighting"

factory automation

Factory Automation

Various data monitoring

Data Monitoring

Smart energy management

Smart Energy Management

Smart agriculture and fishery

Smart Agriculture and Aquaculture

​Product specifications

Internet connection

Ethernet: RJ45 10/100Mpbs; Communication protocol: TCP socket/HTTPS/Modbus TCP/MQTT.

Mobile network: optional, supports GSM/WCDMA/LTE (FDD, TDD).

Wi-Fi: Optional, supports IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (2.4Ghz).


Additional instructions:

Equipped with a web server, various settings can be performed through the web page, such as own IP, destination IP, and name.

Built-in avahi-daemon can automatically publish the IP address of the gateway.

Security passwords can be automatically sent when establishing a TCP/IP connection.

I/O interface

Automatic control: Digital output x 6; Digital input x 4, can be connected to digital sensors or other devices.

Digital communication: RS485 port x 2, can connect to V503 miniature high-precision vibration sensor.

arithmetic unit

Memory: RAM 256MB, ROM 256MB.

External storage: SD Card x 1 (Max 64GB), USB Host x 1.

​Other specifications

Button layout: Two physical buttons, one of which is used as a restore factory settings button. Another button function can be specified by the customer.

Status indication: Comes with LED status indicator X12.

Product dimensions: Body length 158mm, width 95mm, height 23mm (±0.5mm).

Power input: 7-24V DC power supply, maximum 2.2W; with DC JACK and 2PIN terminals.


Click here to download the specification sheet

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