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ambient temperature sensor




In a modern factory environment, temperature control is one of the key factors related to product quality and production efficiency. We are leading the next generation of temperature monitoring technology with an advanced ambient temperature sensor designed to help factories achieve precise and stable temperature control.


Our ambient temperature sensor uses K-TYPE/PT100 wire for temperature sensing and transmits the data to our self-developed gateway through an analog-to-digital converterQGW820. This reliable system is designed for factory ambient temperature monitoring and features high accuracy, fast response and strong stability.

Our ambient temperature sensors play a critical role in factory environments. For processes that require temperature control within a certain range and have a significant impact on product quality, our sensors can ensure that the temperature operates stably within a controllable range. It provides highly accurate data that allows you to adjust and optimize production processes in a timely manner, thereby improving product quality and consistency. .

Our ambient temperature sensors are as functional as they are simple to operate. Through our self-developed gateway QGW820, you can easily monitor and record temperature data. This network-connected device provides real-time data transmission and remote monitoring capabilities, allowing you to monitor temperature changes from anywhere and at any time.


​K-TYPE/PT100 ambient temperature sensor features are as follows

Strong anti-interference ability

Paired with excellent anti-interference cables, you will not have data inaccuracies due to environmental influences.

High measurement accuracy

High-precision hardware specifications allow you to measure data accurately and accurately.

Helping to integrate into one-stop service

The combination helps to integrate it into a one-stop service, from sensor to analog-to-digital conversion, data collection, and monitoring interface.

Help become a dragon

After purchasing the sensor, you may need assistance to provide you with other services.

Paired with our smart gateways and analog signal converters,Let you instantly advance to the IoT ecosystem.


analog to digital converter

Analog-to-digital converters are one of the key protagonists of our integrated turnkey solutions. It converts analog signals collected by ambient temperature sensors into digital data to achieve high-precision, fast and reliable temperature monitoring and transmission.


K-TYPE / PT100 temperature measuring line

K-type is a common thermocouple type because of its favorable price, wide measurable range, and will not cause excessive load on the system at high temperatures; PT100 temperature sensing rod is widely used in electronics because of its wide measuring range. Industry. Chemistry. Steel industry. Aerospace industry. Incinerators, food industry, biotechnology industry….


​QGW820 Smart Gateway

After receiving the data from the analog signal converter through RS485, the collected data can be uploaded to the cloud, mobile device, or PC through Wi-Fi / 4G / network cable. Use the help monitoring software to grasp the data and respond, record and analyze it.

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