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CTMeter series
Current Monitoring Kit


As the world becomes increasingly concerned about climate change, many countries have invested in policies to promote green energy, and Taiwan is no exception. In order to achieve the goal of energy transformation, the government has begun to promote clean energy-related measures and has also actively participated in the establishment of the global carbon rights trading market.


In the process of carbon rights trading, energy consumption needs to be accurately monitored and measured. The CT current sensor plays an important role in this process. The CT current sensor is an instrument that is widely used in power system monitoring and control. It can monitor and measure the current in the power system in real time, and can provide key data support to make the carbon rights trading process more accurate and efficient. Believable.

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The role of CT current sensors in carbon rights trading can be understood in the following ways:

First, it can help measure carbon emissions and ensure accuracy and fairness in the carbon trading process.

Secondly, it can help regulate and control energy consumption, improve energy efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions.

Finally, the application of CT current sensors can also promote the development of green energy, promote energy transformation, and achieve sustainable development.

In short, CT current sensors play a vital role in the green electricity era and carbon rights trading, and are an important tool for carbon emission monitoring and energy consumption control. With the promotion of green energy and the increasing popularity of carbon trading, the application prospects of CT current sensors will become broader.

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​Sensor type

According to different measurement currents, we provide two sensors for customers to choose from.


​CTMeter S1

CT current sensors accurately measure currents below 50A, crucial for monitoring low-current equipment. Their heightened precision and sensitivity enable the detection of subtle fluctuations, aiding in the identification of abnormalities.


CTMeter A1

The 400A measurement range of CT current sensors is suitable for high-power machines commonly found in factory production or equipment with significant testing workloads. Due to the heavy power consumption of these machines, monitoring them is crucial from a power-saving perspective.


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