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Vacuum Pump Measurement

Vacuum pump intelligent measurement solution


We provides an advanced solution that can digitally integrate the suction and discharge data of vacuum pumps in semiconductor and other industries. The principle is actually very simple. By transferring the 1-5V output of the barometer meter to the analog pickup we designed, on the one hand, the equipment in the factory can operate as usual without any impact, and on the other hand, the digitized data can be Transfer out, conduct data analysis and integration. Strengthen the intelligence of factories and move towards the competitive ranks of Industrialization 4.0.




Our solutions not only meet the needs of current factories, but also provide opportunities for the transformation of traditional factories in the future.

With the rise of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, traditional factories are facing the challenge of improving efficiency, reducing costs and implementing intelligent monitoring.

Here are a few key benefits of our solutions for the transformation of traditional factories of the future:

digital conversion

Accurately convert the meter output of the semiconductor vacuum BUMP into a 1-5V point to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data. This enables previously unrecordable data to be presented in visual form, providing a more comprehensive basis for analysis.

Real-time data monitoring and recording

It has real-time data monitoring function and can instantly track and record data changes. Users can view data at any time, understand the system status in a timely manner, and take appropriate measures.

Helping to shape wireless technology

Through our company's GATEWAY technology, this capturer realizes wireless transmission function and can transmit data directly to the network and cloud. In this way, users can easily monitor and manage data remotely, and conduct further analysis and application.

Help become a dragon

The combination helps to integrate it into a one-stop service, from sensor to analog-to-digital conversion, data collection, and monitoring interface.

Help become a dragon

​This kit integrates two equipment to assist in development and design. We are committed to building a complete ecosystem to enable customers to have a complete IoT experience.

Analog digital picker.png

Analog Digital Capturer

The protagonist this time is this type of analog-to-digital converter. Although it is small, it can accurately convert 1-5V analog signals into digital information that can be uploaded to the Internet.


​QGW820 Smart Gateway

Receives data from the analog digital sensor via RS485, and can upload the collected data to the cloud, mobile devices, and PC via Wi-Fi / 4G / network cable. Monitor data through the platform and respond, record, and analyze.


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