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TS-FTM01Temperature and humidity sensor



The TS-FTM01 temperature and humidity sensor combines the RS485 communication method and can be paired with the Z201 Zigbee wireless transmitter to become a perfect solution for wireless temperature and humidity monitoring. It has strong anti-interference ability to ensure stable operation in various environments. Its measurement accuracy is extremely high, providing accurate temperature and humidity data.


It not only has high-precision features and anti-interference capabilities, but also has the ability to transmit temperature and humidity data over a wide range when paired with a wireless transmitter. It can monitor changes in the environment in real time and transmit the data to the designated receiver or control center. This allows users to easily monitor temperature and humidity changes and make corresponding adjustments and management in a timely manner.

In addition to wireless connectivity and high-precision measurements, the sensor also offers the advantage of ease of installation and operation. It has a simple design and small size, and can be easily installed in various places, such as offices, factories, warehouses, etc. Users only need to follow the instructions in the manual to easily implement the wireless monitoring function.

In short, this temperature and humidity sensor based on RS485 communication method, paired with the Z201 Zigbee wireless transmitter, not only realizes wireless temperature and humidity monitoring, but also has the characteristics of strong anti-interference and high measurement accuracy. It will provide users with convenient and accurate temperature and humidity monitoring solutions, which can be widely used in various occasions to help users achieve intelligent environmental management.






​RS485 temperature and humidity sensor features are as follows

Strong anti-interference ability

Paired with excellent anti-interference cables, you will not have data inaccuracies due to environmental influences.

High measurement accuracy

High-precision hardware specifications allow you to measure data accurately and accurately.

Helping to integrate into one-stop service

The combination helps to integrate it into a one-stop service, from sensor to back-end communication, data collection, and monitoring interface.

Help become a dragon

After purchasing the sensor, you may need assistance to provide you with other services.

Paired with our smart gateway and Z series wireless Zigbee transmitter,Let you instantly upgrade the wireless ecosystem.

Z201 Go Back_edited.jpg

Z201 wireless transmitter

The Z201 with built-in Zigbee module can transform the connected device into a wireless sensor. After solving the distance problem at once, any problems that require wiring will be easily solved.

Temperature and humidity sensor stick.png

TS-FTM01 temperature and humidity sensor

The protagonist this time is this temperature and humidity sensor. Although it is small, it can accurately receive temperature and humidity information and faithfully transmit the data to the Z201 wireless transmitter.


​QGW820 Smart Gateway

Receive data from Z201 via Zigbee, and upload the collected data to the cloud, mobile devices, and PC via Wi-Fi / 4G / network cable. Monitor data through the platform and respond, record, and analyze.


Click here to download the specification sheet

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